Getting Prepared

So last Tuesday was an exciting day.  My juicer was delivered to work.

Fruit and VegOn my way home I stopped to buy a fresh and bountiful supply of fruit and vegetables.  I got home, washed all the produce and put it all away.  I have bought a combination of organic and non organic vegetables.  I use an organic fruit and vegetable wash to help rid the produce of pesticides, bacteria and general germs.

Now, to the exciting part – unpacking the juicer.  It was really easy to set up and go through the instructions to understand how to use it.  Now what to make?  I made an Apple, Orange and Watermelon combination that was absolutely to die for.  I shared some with my daughter and she loved it.

Over the last few days I’ve been making lots of different juices.  I’ve been trying to stick to juices of 80% Vegetables and 20% Juice, though have had to add a little extra fruit to the green juices.  I expect that over time my taste buds will get used to having the vegetable juices and won’t need to add as much fruit.  I find it most convenient to juice each night and refrigerate for the next day in jars.  I have an ice pack and cooler to transport my juice to work.

I’ve discovered a lot of information at Joe’s website and downloaded his 15 day reboot plan.  This plan contains a plan for a 5 day preparation programme, followed by a 10 day reboot.  I plan to follow this and do the 10 day reboot, though I would like to keep going to 30 or even 60 days.

I have also joined the most fantastic and supportive Facebook Group.  This is something I would absolutely recommend.  Align yourself with others who are on a similar journey to yours.  The wealth of knowledge and support you gain is priceless.

On Friday I consumed my last coffee – and yes I enjoyed it.  I gave myself the weekend to have one last little splurge, though didn’t overdo it.  I continued to have my daily juice.

I went through the reboot plan again on Sunday to familiarize myself for the upcoming week.  I also organised my breakfast, lunch and juices for the following day so they’d be all ready to go.

I went to bed happy.


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