Day 1

day 1

After a slightly restless night’s sleep, I woke today feeling a mix of emotions.  I was excited to get my journey underway, but with that comes the fear of the unknown and the self doubt.

My first task for the day was to weigh in.  I’ve decided that I will only weigh and post my results once a week as I don’t want to be a slave to the scales.  While my goal is obviously to lose weight, I want to enjoy all the non weight-loss bonuses along the way.

It helped that I got organised the night before, which meant that I woke, weighed, showered and dressed, grabbed all my supplies from the fridge and was out the door.  No stress.Carrot Juice

I had a great morning and enjoyed my juice (Carrot, Apple and Ginger) and loved the crunch of my salad at lunch.  That is one thing I think I am going to miss once I start my juice fast – the crunch and textures of food in my mouth.  My afternoon juice was again Carrot, Apple and Ginger – yummo.

By late afternoon I felt like my head was cloudy and heavy.  It was a strange sensation and it felt hard to concentrate at work.  It progressed into a fairly nasty headache.  I have no doubt my detoxing has begun (I haven’t had coffee for 3 days).  I had packed a Mean Green juice just as an ‘in case juice’ and had half a serve of this and drank quite a bit of water.  Though the cloudiness subsided, the headache didn’t.  As I suffer from Migraines, I had to resort to taking some Nurofen which did take the edge off, but didn’t get rid of the headache completely.  It really put a dampener on what had been a great first day.

When I got home, I had my first taste at temptation.  I opened the fridge to find the leftover Chinese meal from the night before.  Thankfully I wasn’t feeling hungry and was able to shut the door and walk away.  I got to preparing my juices, soup and salad for the following day which got me busy and took my mind off it.

I really wasn’t hungry at dinner so I made the Carrot and Sweet Potato fries with Cumin and munched on those while I watched a little TV.  I went to bed a little earlier than usual, still with a heavy head, but happy that Day 1 was done and dusted.  I had a fairly restless sleep.


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