Day 5

My last day of preparation before the big day tomorrow.

It’s hard to believe that this week is going by so quickly.  I don’t recall having one food craving nor have I given into temptation when I have been fronted with food.  This has really astonished me.  I think I need to give myself some more credit on occasion.  I’m certainly stronger than I thought.

A real advantage has been that I haven’t really been hungry at all over the last 4 days and I think it has helped that I have kept hydrated.  I constantly sip on water with lemon slices throughout the day (I will need to stock up on more toilet rolls though as I am peeing a LOT). I don’t drink huge amounts of water at any one time, rather I take sips frequently.  I have never been a huge lover of water, but this has actually helped to curb hunger pains and keep the headaches at bay.  I’m making a conscious effort to drink more water.  Apart from the headaches which I experienced on days 1-3, my experience so far has been really positive and I know I can continue on this journey.

I am sleeping really well and am now waking to feel refreshed and haven’t found it a problem to continue as normal with my daily tasks.  I have been able to resist coffee which is one thing I was thinking would be really hard.  Though I only usually have one per day from the café below my office, it’s a morning ritual for me when I get to work and I always enjoy it.  I also resisted morning tea in the office which didn’t really bother me as I thought – thank goodness I wasn’t hungry at the time.  I don’t have any feeling of bloating, my mind seems to be clear, my energy levels are definitely increasing and I just feel better as a whole.

All in all I have had a fairly uneventful but enjoyable day.  My treat tonight was some oven baked sweet potato and cumin fries.  I wish I had discovered these tasty little healthy morsels way before now.  I have made them 3 times this week and all of us love them, including my little dog Oskar.

Tomorrow marks the first day of my juice fast.  As it’s Saturday, I plan on being up early to make my juices for the day.  Then I’m off to a 2 year old birthday party, with Juice and water in tow.

As far as my 5 day preparation goes, I give myself 5/5.


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