Reboot – Day 2

After a reasonably late night, I was able to sleep in this Sunday morning.  I got up at around 8.30am after a great nights sleep and felt fantastic.  I started my morning with a cup of hot water with Lemon and Ginger.

Jars of Juicy Goodness

Jars of Juicy Goodness

After looking at what produce I had in the fridge, I decided to stick with the juices that I made yesterday.  I got started on my juices for today, but then decided to do a double batch to see me through tomorrow as well.  As I store my juices in jars, filled to the top and sealed tightly which I then refrigerate immediately , I know that the juices will still be alive and fresh tomorrow.  This took a little time to do, but the jars looked great stacked in the fridge ready to go.

As I was showering and getting ready for the day, it struck me as to how great I felt.  I can’t recall feeling like this in a long while.  I just feel better in myself, have a really clear mind and am happy.

I had practically used up all my supplies of fruit and veg, so next stop was to the fruit and veg market with my daughter.  We are lucky to have some fantastic farmers markets in Perth, and we also have a massive fruit and veg warehouse market, where they buy direct from the local growers (where they can).  I hadn’t been out to this market for some time and was amazed at not only the freshness, variety of produce, but in addition the prices were up to half price off compared to other places I’ve shopped at recently.  I was a very happy girl at the checkout considering the volume of produce that I had in my trolley.

When I got home I spent some time washing all the produce in my organic fruit and vegie wash, dried off and packed away into the fridge.  This is what you call a healthy looking fridge.

By late afternoon I got prepared and cooked 3 different meals for my daughter for the week.  This kept me busy for quite some time.  It was a challenge to take myself off auto pilot when it came to tasting the dishes as I was cooking them – in stepped my chief taste tester, my hubby.  I packed everything into take away containers, labeled and froze for her to have in the week.  I think to be honest I have probably got around 3 weeks worth of meals for her but she will mix it up with other fresh things either she or I will cook during the week.  I would much rather do one big cook up, thank cooking each night of the week.

I enjoyed my Pear/Blueberry Pie (juice) after dinner (mean green juice) and relaxed for a bit and watched tv before bed.


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