Reboot Days 3-7

Days 3-7 meant that it was my working week.

Let me just say that this means I have had to be extremely organised.  This is why I choose to juice at night for the day ahead.  It’s become my nightly ritual.  That way in the morning I can grab my juices out of the fridge, pack in a small esky bag with an ice pack and off I go.

Having meals already done for my daughter alleviates me of not only thinking about what to have for dinner, but also not having to cook in the evening after I get home from work.  This would be one of my No. 1 recommendations.  If you can pre-cook even one or two meals for the week, it makes life so much easier.  I know, easier for me since I only have the 1 child also as hubby is fending for himself.  He has offered to cook a few dishes next Sunday so I don’t have to do it.  Love him.

I was a little hesitant about what my colleagues might have to say about my juice fast.  I had eased them in by taking at least 2 juices to work per day while I was on my 5 day prep.  I didn’t really want to enlighten them as to what I was doing and decided i would only let them know if they ask.  I’ve only really told one work mate exactly what I’m doing and she was pretty supportive.  I’m sure secretly she may think I’m nuts, but I know that this is the right decision for me.

I find the working days go by so quickly which is great.  I haven’t had any particular food cravings, nor have I faulted at all during my reboot so far.

I have definitely noticed some benefits since starting my juice fast.  I’m sleeping each night like a baby, I haven’t been hungry, I haven’t been craving sugar, my taste buds are working better – I can taste better.  I feel fantastic and feel like shouting it from the rooftops.

Juice On!


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