Reboot – Days 8-9

I made it beyond 7 days!!!  Actually now that I’m here, I don’t think of this as such a big deal.  Over this last week, while it has been a little hard at times, by no means have I felt like i have suffered or missed out on anything.  I have got past any cravings (mostly when I smell food) pretty quickly.  I am continuing my fast for as long as I can.  I am now aiming for 30 days, then when I get there, I’m hoping to re-set my goal for 60 days.

I have my routine down pat, am trying lots of different juice combinations and remain positive that this regime is for me.  One question I have asked, is after years and years of dieting and failing, why didn’t I come across this phenomenon earlier?  Much earlier!

Most of the juices I have made have been great, a couple have been downright disgusting.  I have heard a few people say that they made a juice they couldn’t stand, but chugged it down.  Not me!  I don’t want this to be an excuse for giving up.  I have had 2 batches of juice which admittedly I have poured down the sick.  While I know this is wasteful, I knew that if I wouldn’t drink it, nor would anyone else in my household.  There is no need to have to drink bad tasting juice, though, this just wasn’t bad juice, it was nasty tasting.  Instead I made up another combination that I knew I liked.

Saturday night was a hard one for me.  I had been rushing around all day and only had 3 juices for the day at the time my hubby came home with takeaway Japanese.  Sushi rolls mmmmmmmmm.  They were both great in that they went into another room to eat their meal.  I grabbed a juice and a big bottle of water and got over it.  I was actually hungry so fair’s fair, I was right to be craving something.

Other than that, since my juice fast began, I haven’t had the urge for any particular food at all.  I used to crave sugary things especially late at night while watching tv.  Not anymore.  I am continually amazed at how quickly my way of life has turned around for the better and now feels right.

Yesterday was an exciting day.  We went to a travel expo and booked our tickets for our trip to the US over Christmas.  Five weeks between Hawaii, LA, New York, a Caribbean Cruise and then to San Francisco.  My 40th is 10th January 2014 and we are cruising on 11th January.  Now I really do have an incentive to continue on this journey.

Sunday also saw another trip to stock up on fresh fruit and veg.  My shop last week was just right, so my shopping list was based on what I got then, with a few other items to add variety.  I was able to pick up some fresh mangos which were a treat, considering we are in Winter.  I have since been dreaming of an Orange and Mango Green Juice, so this will be on my menu once they’ve ripened a little more.

WWW tomorrow.  Stay tuned and Juice On!


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