My Story


Welcome to Jackie’s Juicing Journey.  I have created this blog to keep a personal and honest account of my journey to a better life.  My mind, body and spirit is way over due for a complete reboot.

I was born in Hamilton, New Zealand and had a fairly typical childhood.  Back then, life was simple.  We ate simply, we lived simply and life was pretty good.

However, I started to develop a weight problem very early on.  My first realisation that I was different to my class mates was around age 9.  I remember one day in calls, the teacher weighed everyone and we then plotted our weights on a graph.  I was the heaviest girl in my class (thankfully not the heaviest in the whole class).  I didn’t think too much of it back then.

When it came to sports, I was not typically gifted, though I played netball, badminton and joined the local swim club.  However, an Olympian I was not.   As an Asthmatic, I adopted the mindset that ‘I can’t run’ and this mindset has stuck with me right up to the present day.  I have awful memories of primary school fun runs where I was literally gasping for breath.

I’ve now had a weight problem for far too long.  I have tried every diet imaginable and have had some successes, however time, though I always seem to gain the weight back, and then some.  I obviously don’t always make the most wise food choices.  I consume too many foods that are high in fat and high in carbohydrates.

My huge down fall is Sugar. I would go as far to say that I am addicted to Sugar. The more I have, the more I want.  Cakes, lollies, icecream, chocolate, desserts – anything sweet.

As far as exercise goes, I don’t have a love for it and I still ‘can’t run’.  However over the last year I have been attempting to eat better and at least do some type of regular exercise be it gym classes, gym sessions or walking.  I am the Queen of excuses when it comes to exercising and dieting for that matter.  I have set myself some goals and have been losing weight ever so slowly over this time.

So all of these years of bad choices has led me to not only me being overweight, but I feel sluggish, get frequent headaches, significant periods of tiredness and have a general lack of motivation.  I am going to be 40 in January, 2014.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  I really wanted to be fit at 40.  I am so far from this, it’s not funny.  I have come to the realisation that I need to do something about this now.

So…it’s time to finally get serious and get my life on track, once and for all.  I’ve got to do this for myself.  I owe it to me to finally live the life I have been wanting to live for so long.

I am so thankful to have the love, encouragement and support of my husband and daughter.  They are my No. 1 fans and have the belief that I can do this.

Now I need to have the belief in myself.

This is my journey to a better life.


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