Reboot – Days 8-9

I made it beyond 7 days!!!  Actually now that I’m here, I don’t think of this as such a big deal.  Over this last week, while it has been a little hard at times, by no means have I felt like i have suffered or missed out on anything.  I have got past any cravings (mostly when I smell food) pretty quickly.  I am continuing my fast for as long as I can.  I am now aiming for 30 days, then when I get there, I’m hoping to re-set my goal for 60 days.

I have my routine down pat, am trying lots of different juice combinations and remain positive that this regime is for me.  One question I have asked, is after years and years of dieting and failing, why didn’t I come across this phenomenon earlier?  Much earlier!

Most of the juices I have made have been great, a couple have been downright disgusting.  I have heard a few people say that they made a juice they couldn’t stand, but chugged it down.  Not me!  I don’t want this to be an excuse for giving up.  I have had 2 batches of juice which admittedly I have poured down the sick.  While I know this is wasteful, I knew that if I wouldn’t drink it, nor would anyone else in my household.  There is no need to have to drink bad tasting juice, though, this just wasn’t bad juice, it was nasty tasting.  Instead I made up another combination that I knew I liked.

Saturday night was a hard one for me.  I had been rushing around all day and only had 3 juices for the day at the time my hubby came home with takeaway Japanese.  Sushi rolls mmmmmmmmm.  They were both great in that they went into another room to eat their meal.  I grabbed a juice and a big bottle of water and got over it.  I was actually hungry so fair’s fair, I was right to be craving something.

Other than that, since my juice fast began, I haven’t had the urge for any particular food at all.  I used to crave sugary things especially late at night while watching tv.  Not anymore.  I am continually amazed at how quickly my way of life has turned around for the better and now feels right.

Yesterday was an exciting day.  We went to a travel expo and booked our tickets for our trip to the US over Christmas.  Five weeks between Hawaii, LA, New York, a Caribbean Cruise and then to San Francisco.  My 40th is 10th January 2014 and we are cruising on 11th January.  Now I really do have an incentive to continue on this journey.

Sunday also saw another trip to stock up on fresh fruit and veg.  My shop last week was just right, so my shopping list was based on what I got then, with a few other items to add variety.  I was able to pick up some fresh mangos which were a treat, considering we are in Winter.  I have since been dreaming of an Orange and Mango Green Juice, so this will be on my menu once they’ve ripened a little more.

WWW tomorrow.  Stay tuned and Juice On!


Reboot Days 3-7

Days 3-7 meant that it was my working week.

Let me just say that this means I have had to be extremely organised.  This is why I choose to juice at night for the day ahead.  It’s become my nightly ritual.  That way in the morning I can grab my juices out of the fridge, pack in a small esky bag with an ice pack and off I go.

Having meals already done for my daughter alleviates me of not only thinking about what to have for dinner, but also not having to cook in the evening after I get home from work.  This would be one of my No. 1 recommendations.  If you can pre-cook even one or two meals for the week, it makes life so much easier.  I know, easier for me since I only have the 1 child also as hubby is fending for himself.  He has offered to cook a few dishes next Sunday so I don’t have to do it.  Love him.

I was a little hesitant about what my colleagues might have to say about my juice fast.  I had eased them in by taking at least 2 juices to work per day while I was on my 5 day prep.  I didn’t really want to enlighten them as to what I was doing and decided i would only let them know if they ask.  I’ve only really told one work mate exactly what I’m doing and she was pretty supportive.  I’m sure secretly she may think I’m nuts, but I know that this is the right decision for me.

I find the working days go by so quickly which is great.  I haven’t had any particular food cravings, nor have I faulted at all during my reboot so far.

I have definitely noticed some benefits since starting my juice fast.  I’m sleeping each night like a baby, I haven’t been hungry, I haven’t been craving sugar, my taste buds are working better – I can taste better.  I feel fantastic and feel like shouting it from the rooftops.

Juice On!

Reboot – Day 2

After a reasonably late night, I was able to sleep in this Sunday morning.  I got up at around 8.30am after a great nights sleep and felt fantastic.  I started my morning with a cup of hot water with Lemon and Ginger.

Jars of Juicy Goodness

Jars of Juicy Goodness

After looking at what produce I had in the fridge, I decided to stick with the juices that I made yesterday.  I got started on my juices for today, but then decided to do a double batch to see me through tomorrow as well.  As I store my juices in jars, filled to the top and sealed tightly which I then refrigerate immediately , I know that the juices will still be alive and fresh tomorrow.  This took a little time to do, but the jars looked great stacked in the fridge ready to go.

As I was showering and getting ready for the day, it struck me as to how great I felt.  I can’t recall feeling like this in a long while.  I just feel better in myself, have a really clear mind and am happy.

I had practically used up all my supplies of fruit and veg, so next stop was to the fruit and veg market with my daughter.  We are lucky to have some fantastic farmers markets in Perth, and we also have a massive fruit and veg warehouse market, where they buy direct from the local growers (where they can).  I hadn’t been out to this market for some time and was amazed at not only the freshness, variety of produce, but in addition the prices were up to half price off compared to other places I’ve shopped at recently.  I was a very happy girl at the checkout considering the volume of produce that I had in my trolley.

When I got home I spent some time washing all the produce in my organic fruit and vegie wash, dried off and packed away into the fridge.  This is what you call a healthy looking fridge.

By late afternoon I got prepared and cooked 3 different meals for my daughter for the week.  This kept me busy for quite some time.  It was a challenge to take myself off auto pilot when it came to tasting the dishes as I was cooking them – in stepped my chief taste tester, my hubby.  I packed everything into take away containers, labeled and froze for her to have in the week.  I think to be honest I have probably got around 3 weeks worth of meals for her but she will mix it up with other fresh things either she or I will cook during the week.  I would much rather do one big cook up, thank cooking each night of the week.

I enjoyed my Pear/Blueberry Pie (juice) after dinner (mean green juice) and relaxed for a bit and watched tv before bed.

Reboot – Day 1

OK, so as not to confuse you, but I am starting again at day 1, as I’m now officially on my juice fast.  It was going to complicate things (mainly for me to keep track) if I was to start at Day 6.

I was awake early today.  I lay in bed until I could see the sun coming out as It was a cold and wet morning in Perth (we are in Winter here in Australia).  I got up and dressed around 7.00am and headed straight into the kitchen to juice.

JuicingI worked out which juices I was going to make for the day (Joe’s reboot recipes) which included:

Sunrise Juice – Beetroot, Carrot, Orange and Apple (x 2 serves)

Mean Green – Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Ginger, Lemon (and a slice of Pineapple) (x 2 serves)

Apple/Pear/Blueberry Pie – Sweet Potato, Apple, Pear and Blueberries (x 1 serve – my dessert)

Having pre-washed all my fruit and vegies after purchase, before packing away, I find that it makes preparation prior to juicing fairly quick.  My juicer does require me to chop up the fruit and veg prior, but it isn’t too much of a bother.  I am finding it quite therapeutic juicing each day.  It makes up for the time that I am usually in the kitchen cooking everyday.

We had my nephew’s 2 year old Birthday Party to attend today.

Before we left I packed 2 jars of juice and water (with lemon) into a cooler bag, along with an ice brick to keep everything cold.

It was really tough to resist the food and drinks on offer at the party.  There were all the usual party favourites, cakes, lollies, hot savouries, birthday cake etc.  But I stood with a glass of water in hand while I caught up with family and friends, politely saying no as the platters of food came past.

We had a fairly long drive home and my husband and daughter decided they’d like to stop to get some takeaway Sushi Rolls on the way home, so of course I obliged.  Sushi is one of my favourite foods, but I resisted.  Thankfully I had one of my juices to tide me over.

I can’t say that I experienced particular hunger today, nothing that water didn’t take care of anyway.  It helped to keep myself hydrated during the day.  While it was tough coming up against those temptations, I can’t say that it was a particularly hard day.

I LOVED all my juices today.  I was so thankful to find that I was able to substitute Peaches for Pears and Blueberries.  Seeing all my Reboot friends in the Northern Hemisphere enjoying their peach pies got me rather envious.

So day 1 down and as I know that I can handle temptation, I want to keep going.

Getting Prepared

So last Tuesday was an exciting day.  My juicer was delivered to work.

Fruit and VegOn my way home I stopped to buy a fresh and bountiful supply of fruit and vegetables.  I got home, washed all the produce and put it all away.  I have bought a combination of organic and non organic vegetables.  I use an organic fruit and vegetable wash to help rid the produce of pesticides, bacteria and general germs.

Now, to the exciting part – unpacking the juicer.  It was really easy to set up and go through the instructions to understand how to use it.  Now what to make?  I made an Apple, Orange and Watermelon combination that was absolutely to die for.  I shared some with my daughter and she loved it.

Over the last few days I’ve been making lots of different juices.  I’ve been trying to stick to juices of 80% Vegetables and 20% Juice, though have had to add a little extra fruit to the green juices.  I expect that over time my taste buds will get used to having the vegetable juices and won’t need to add as much fruit.  I find it most convenient to juice each night and refrigerate for the next day in jars.  I have an ice pack and cooler to transport my juice to work.

I’ve discovered a lot of information at Joe’s website and downloaded his 15 day reboot plan.  This plan contains a plan for a 5 day preparation programme, followed by a 10 day reboot.  I plan to follow this and do the 10 day reboot, though I would like to keep going to 30 or even 60 days.

I have also joined the most fantastic and supportive Facebook Group.  This is something I would absolutely recommend.  Align yourself with others who are on a similar journey to yours.  The wealth of knowledge and support you gain is priceless.

On Friday I consumed my last coffee – and yes I enjoyed it.  I gave myself the weekend to have one last little splurge, though didn’t overdo it.  I continued to have my daily juice.

I went through the reboot plan again on Sunday to familiarize myself for the upcoming week.  I also organised my breakfast, lunch and juices for the following day so they’d be all ready to go.

I went to bed happy.

How I Got to This Point

Over the past 8 months I have been following a weight loss programme.  While I believe the programme is one of the better diet and exercise programmes on the market in Australia, for me, it had too much leeway, allowing me to tailor the weekly menu to suit my food preferences, those that were high in carbohydrates and sugar.  There were weeks that I stuck to the programme 99% of the time and exercised, yet the scales didn’t move significantly.

While I have lost some weight over this time and maintained the loss, I just haven’t seen changes relative to the effort I have put in.  It got me thinking that perhaps there was an underlying reason why the weight wasn’t shifting.

On a Tuesday evening while flicking through the channels on TV, I happened to come across a juicer demonstration.  They were demonstrating the Hurom Pro 400 Juicer and were discussing the benefits of juicing.  Of particular interest to me was the fact that this juicer was a cold pressed juicer which preserves the maximum amount of vital nutrients and enzymes in the fruits and vegetables.  This means the juice can be stored in the refrigerator and kept “alive” for up to 48 hours.

The following day I put in an online order for the Juicer.  I knew I would need some juicing recipes and started to do some online research for some recipe books.

I came across a book titled ‘Raw Juice Can Save Your Life’ by Dr Sandra Cabot.  I downloaded this to my Kindle and read the book on Wednesday night.  Dr Cabot talked about  the benefits of daily juicing and the book was a really interesting read.

On Thursday I downloaded one of Dr Cabot’s other books titled ‘Fatty Liver, You Can Reverse It’.  On reading this book, I knew I had many of the symptoms outlined, which indicated that I have a Fatty Liver.  It is caused by incorrect diet, excess weight, alcoholism and diabetes (though I don’t have diabetes and am not an alcoholic).  Most people with a fatty liver in general feel relatively unwell, experience fatigue and find it very hard to lose weight.

Thankfully Dr Cabot says that a Fatty Liver can be reversed.  One of the methods Dr Cabot suggests is drinking raw vegetable juice on a daily basis.  I finished the book in a day and on Friday, continued to do some more online research on Juicing and the benefits and somehow found a link to Joe Cross’ Documentary titled ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’.  I found a link on you tube which I emailed to myself and after work that day sat down and watched it.  If you are interested, you can view it on You Tube.

Wow, is all I can say.  I was left extremely amazed, inspired, revitalized and knew that I had to give Joe’s principles a go.

I can’t believe that in the space of 4 days, I had not only been introduced to juicing but had also come to the conclusion that this was the path forward for me.

The count down was on to the arrival of my juicer.  I couldn’t wait to get started.

There were obviously a few thoughts in my head as to what my family and friends were going to think of my decision.  My first hurdle though was to convince my husband that this is something I should do.

What better way to get him to watch ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’.  We sat down together on Sunday afternoon and watched it.  I didn’t say much throughout but having watched it for a second time reaffirmed to me that this was the way to go.

Dave looked at me when it finished and just said “Wow, that was amazing and it makes so much sense”.  We had a chat about how well both Joe and Phil had done on their juice fasts.  Dave then said “Babe you can do it too”.  What more could I ask for but the love and support of my husband.

Now Dave in himself is absolutely amazing.  After turning 40 in November last year, he made the decision about 4 months ago to get fit and healthy.  He has been so disciplined and motivated on his journey and to date has lost a whopping 28 kilos.  He is about 5 kilos away from his goal.  He started running daily and built up little by little and is now running around 11km per day.  I couldn’t be prouder of him.  He hasn’t been juicing, but sees that this would be a great tool to maintaining his weight loss in the future.

I can’t wait to get started.

You can read ‘My Story’ for further information about me.